Languages influence each other greatly.  For example, many French words have been incorporated into the English language and vice versa.  The situation in France was so drastic at one stage that journalists were banned from using English words in their articles.


Cognates (words that have the same form and meaning in both English and French)

Accident                     ambulance                   animal                  ballet

Blond                          blouse                          certain                 chef

Client                          content                         date                     dispute

Hamburger                horrible                         immense              mirage

Note                           olive                              orange                  photo

café                            bouquet                        décor                    encore

fiancé(e)                     genre                            menu


Many French words are found in the vocabulary used for cooking

žCooking: blanch, sauté, fondue, purée, flambé, omelette, crème caramel, beurre blanc, crêpes suzette

Wine: sec, brut, rouge, blanc, rosé, sauvignon, champagne, cabernet

Ballet vocabulary

pas                     pas de deux                 plié       demi-plié         chassé

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