Travel with me to Disneyland Paris (Round 2)

Welcome to my blog about French and travel – my two passions. It has been a while but here I am back again.  I have travelled to Disneyland Paris again so thought it might be nice to get a fresh perspective.

Disneyland Paris (previously EuroDisney) lies in the region of  Marne-la-Vallée in France (32 km/20 miles east of Paris) . It can be reached by train, bus or car. You have to fly to Paris first unless you live in Europe or the UK. It opened its doors in 1992 and attracts a large number of tourists. It is the most popular theme park in Europe.


The Santa Fé Hotel

It consists of two parks: Disneyland (the original park) and Walt Disney Studios (opened in 2002). It is usually a good idea to stay in a Disney hotel as there are many benefits. There are usually good package deals to be had which include accommodation, half-board, unlimited entry to both parks and free parking. The choices are varied : the Santa Fé Hotel (where we stayed and which was great except for the loud people), the Cheyenne, the Newport Bay Club Hotel, the Davy Crocket Ranch, the Disneyland Hotel, the Disney Hotel New York , Sequoia Lodge.

It’s a Small World

Once you get to the parks, the usual Disney magic takes hold of you. There are many choices : shows, interactive exhibits, rides, autograph book signings by characters, parades, fireworks etc. We went when it was raining but the magic still persisted.

Highlights are, of course, It’s a small world with its incredible puppets, Ratatouille the 3D ride, the Jedi training Academy, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ride,  and so on. Everything is bilingual so if you don’t understand French,  don’t worry!

French Section:

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