Travel with me to the island of Rhodes

Welcome to my blog which unites my two passions: travel and French. Today, take a stroll with me to the island of Rhodes and through the ancient city of Rhodes, capital of the twelve Dodecanese islands in the South-Eastern Aegean Sea. Because of its strategic location, Rhodes has been important since ancient times.

It was conquered by the Roman Empire and subsequently the Byzantine Empire but it regained its glory when the Knights of St John of Jerusalem conquered it in 1309 and built strong fortifications around it. In 1503, the Ottomans took control of Rhodes and while in power built many buildings in the old city. In 1912, it was seized by Italy. The Italians built many beautiful buildings, wide roads and squares. In 1988, the old city of Rhodes became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rhodes was, of course, the site of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven Wonders of the ancient world. The Colossus was a giant statue of the sun god, Helios,  built to celebrate a victory. It stood proudly near the harbour entrance for fifty something years then collapsed when an earthquake hit Rhodes.

The island is now a popular tourist destination with its winding roads, Greek tavernas and wonderful atmosphere. It seems to be a city filled with cats – wherever you go, you will find a cat or two, especially in the outdoor eateries.

The old city is very picturesque and very interesting to see. Stroll around the Street of the Knights, the many archaeological sites, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Acropolis of Rhodes. Eat in a tavern and feed the cats, wander into one of the shops and buy a book on Greek Mythology and Religion like I did. Enjoy the city of Rhodes.

French Vocabulary

Today we are going to learn some more food vocabulary (see my post on Florence):

Une table pour deux, s’il vous plait = a table for two please une table pour deux

Avez-vous réservé? = have you booked/made a reservation? avez-vous réservé

Votre table sera prête d’ici quelques minutes = your table will be ready in a few minutes votre table sera prete

Pouvez-vous nous apporter le menu? = can you bring us the menu? apporter menu

Peut-on vous passer la commande? = may we give you our order? passer la commande

La note = the bill la note

une viande = the meat une viande

bien cuite = well done (meat) bien cuite

à point = medium à point

saignante = rare saignante

une salade = a salade salade

une soupe = a soup soupe

le fromage = cheese fromage

les pâtes = pasta pâtes


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